Agit Global, Inc History since 1985


Welcome to AGIT Global Inc.

With over 25 years of experience in the water sports and snow product industries, we have constantly developed new concepts with exciting potential to become industry leaders. Our company focus is a complete design and manufacturing facility for the development of plastic and thermally formed products. We specialise in the development and creation of foam and plastic sporting goods. Our team has successfully established high quality products for a number of leading brands as well as assisting with product distribution on an international level.


AGIT Global Inc. with a combined 75,000 sq. footage of manufacturing and warehousing area can easily accommodate your next project. Let our technicians at AGIT consult you on lead times, material option, and provide you a quotation for your needs. Our units meet a high standard of detailed output and many of our machinery units have been designed so that you may meet the critical standards you have placed for your products! We have capabilities of working with foams (PE, PP, HDPE, LDPE foams….), high impact and extruded plastics, metal/aluminum/tungsten, carbon fiber. AGIT also has the capability of manufacture raw material for your project needs as well. Please feel free to consult any of our project managers for pricing and quotations.


Frequently we will update this portal to the world with some of newest additions in technology, interesting people and companies that interact with us here at AGIT Global, and some fun ideas that could give your company the edge in creating exciting new opportunity to be leading marketers!


We have been working on a detailed 'development' area where you can scan through a selection of the product that we are capable of manufacturing and specialized retailers can ask more about specific product areas with details and pricings.


Welcome to AGIT GLOBAL !