Paddles Sold with Stand-up Paddleboards Recalled Due to Risk of Puncture or Laceration Hazard; Manufactured by Agit Global.



Dear Valued Customer:


Agit Global, Inc. is recalling paddles, model years 2015 through 2020, that were sold with certain 8’, 8’6”, 9’6”, and 10’6” Wave Storm, Storm Blade, Ozoboard, True Wave, Bloo Tide, Dorsal, and Rock It Surf Stand-up paddleboards.


The recalled paddle can suddenly break mid-shaft during use, exposing sharp edges and posing a puncture or laceration hazard to users.


Consumers should stop using the recalled paddles and contact Agit Global to get a free protective sleeve that should be installed over the paddle shaft to protect you from a risk of injury when paddling. The protective sleeve is made of Neoprene®, about two-feet long, and zippered for easy installation and can provide a better grip and more comfort while paddling.

Code found at the base of the blade

Recalled paddles have one of the following manufacturing codes or prefixes printed on the paddle blade:


Model Year
Manufacturing Code or Prefix
2015 9’6 Wave Storm
2015 10’6” Wave Storm
2015 9’6” Dorsal
B4, J4
2015 8’6”, 9’6”, 10’6” Ozoboards
H4, F5
2015, 2016, 2017 9’6”, 10’6” Storm Blades
E5, F5, L5, B6, C6, B7, D7, E7, F7, G7
2016 9’6” Wave Storm
I5, A6
2017 9’6” Wave Storm
I6, L6, A7
2018 9’6” Wave Storm
I7, K7
2018 9’6” Rock-It-Surf
2018 8’ True Wave
2019 9’6” Wave Storm
I8, K8, J901, J902, J903, J904
2019 8’ Wave Storm
2019 9’6” Bloo Tide
2020 8’ Wave Storm


The recalled paddles were provided with original purchase at Costco, Home Depot, REI, Amazon,, Sam’s Club, small surf/sporting goods stores nationwide or online, or as a replacement paddle under warranty. The recalled paddles were not sold individually. Combination paddleboard/kayaks and 7’ “kids” paddleboards are not subject to recall.

Contact us

If you have a recalled paddle, please contact Agit Global North America for assistance and/or to request a free paddle shaft protective sleeve:


• online at,

• toll-free at 877-862-0622 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday, or

• by email at


Agit Global is conducting this voluntary recall in full cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. We are attaching the recall notice to this letter. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your business.


AGIT Global, Inc.

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