To create revolutionary core structures designed for specific wave riding conditions is the focus of AGIT technology Research & Development for the next generation of athletes to push the limits of progressive bodyboarding to that next level of performance.


PARADOX is a beaded cell core structure designed to allow for an even flow of energy created by the reduced density of each cell molecule. The highly advanced technology of the PARADOXCELL structure also provides a greater memory percentage to that of other comparable cores on the market.


PARADOXCELL is produced through expanded foam, fused together through a combination of high temperatures and pressure to create the required density during fusion forming to maximise the performance of the foam under immense pressure, while creating the perfect amount of recoil required to retain and control the speed generated by the cores inter-connected cell structure.


Step into the future of core component design and experience PARADOXCELL in the 2011 season range.




True core technology innovation. Paradox is the change the bodyboarding industry has been waiting for. Paradox Cell is a light weight core produced via direct mould injection. Meaning that Paradox core is developed 1 board at a time, giving unrivalled consistency for a core designed for heavy waves. Through DMI we are able to dial in the required density of the core much more evenly through controlled manufacturing processes. Paradox Cell is fused as a BPP foam although following the characteristics of the highest grade PE cores for flex and strength comparisons. However we are able to manipulate these cores for advanced shaping methods and techniques. Widening the scope of what is achievable through Paradox Cell.




Freedom 6 is the next generation of PP cores. Also produced via DMI design the core has become the predecessor of EPP or Extruded PP core technology. EPP created too many inconsistencies with in the cores structure, giving each board an entirely different flex. Agit then developed the DMI method to focus bodyboard consistency to suit our clients requirements of high end core production. Freedom 6 is the latest technology set for release in 2011/12 as the front runner for exceptional movement and strength ratios. Developed on the principles of the 6 degrees of Freedom, this core is the ultimate when it comes to speed, power and controlled surfing. Used by the Worlds top riders in warm water conditions and technical surfing, Freedom 6 BPP core has it all. Welcome to 2011, a new era of performance.



A uniquely revolutionary design in bodyboarding production that is set to change the evolution of manufacturing high performance bodyboards through market leading Research & Development.


Stringer systems are the key to overall performance levels of bodyboarding progression by improved durability & longevity of structural properties.


A stringer system is the life support of a bodyboard, it allows for increased strength without isolating the entire core, giving it the required amount of flex to increase speed & recoil with ultimate control & rigidity.



PSI is the next generation of insertion techniques created at the beginning stages of the cores construction. Suspended in precise alignment within each core as fusion takes place, reducing systematic error giving suspension insertion an edge over other manufacturing techniques. PSI has allowed for accurate core mapping for our technical team to calibrate stringer combinations to suit water surface conditions for maximum levels of performance surfing.


What we are able to create using this new technology will undoubtedly see the next boom of material combinations within the cores to even further enhance the surfers to discover, and perform new aerial maneuvers. As impacts from the projection created from the PSI system also serves as a compression cushion to ride out of heavy landings in a much smoother action, making transitions from maneuver combinations fluent & seamless.


Our technical team along with our riding agents have spent countless hours testing & refining our 2011 ranges of PSI’s to bring you the most comprehensive products available world wide.


Enjoy the effortless, sleek designs that encase this truly remarkable stringer system in your choice of PARADOXCELL & FREEDOM6 core options from your favourite brand.


Engineering PSI Technology

Flat Type A ™

This particular configuration combnes more flexibility than most common single round carbon stringer configurations.


Flat Type S ™

3 different grade / length flat stringers stacked one on top of each other. With the advantage of flex stringer at the top half of the board but also prividing good stiffness at the lower half.


1 Round Carbon Stringer ™

The most common configuration, providing additional stiffness to the board.


Flat Type B ™

Unlike the tubular stringer, the flat stringer gives a total recoil, snapping and popping character that tubular stringers could never achieve.


Variable Stringer System ™

One round stringer in the centre as a stiffener and two flat stringers on each side to provide recoil.