Exclusive use of innovative technology is available for Agit clients. We have many products currently available and also further products currently pending. Patent technology allows for our clients to feel comfortable that they are able to distinguish their quality products from inferior imitation products. Our final seal of approved products to ensure the standard of quality is unmatched. Graphic film designs will give your product a far more unique appeal with the creative flair to drive your product sales. Work with our design to team to find the perfect graphics for your products.




Graphic Film Technology was developed and patented by AGIT Global in 2003. GFT changed the entire face of the foam sporting goods industry by introducing permanent graphics that could be applied to a plain colored foam surface.


AGIT employs GFT technology on all its products including snow sleds, bodyboards, surfboards, kickboards, yoga mats, and pool toys.  GFT is far superior to screen-printing or heat-transfers because GFT is permanent; the graphics are sandwiched between two layers of protective film. GFT also protects the graphics from harmful UV sunlight, which causes color fading.


US Patent # 6,955,576




Water Barrier Skin is a patented material that AGIT Global developed for its Soft Surfboards, Bodyboards and other foam water sports items. WBS consists of a layer of clear, super-strong, specially formulated polymer film or “skin” that is heat laminated to a foam deck surface.


- WBS acts as a surface barrier that prevents water, dirt and bacteria from penetrating the interior foam.

- WBS blocks UV light and reduces oxidation from sunlight therefore prolonging the life of the foam. 

- WBS provides surface protection from cuts, punctures, scratches and indentations.

- The unique WBS surface texture provides sufficient traction without the need for wax.

- WBS is similar to tempered glass in that it provides structural stability as a rider flexes or torques the board.


US Patent # 6,106,345


WBS Advantages:

- Prevents water logging

- Protects from scratches, cuts and dings

- Provides traction

- Provides a clean, matted surface that keeps the board looking new