Instructor at Pacific Beach Surf School

I just wanted to say thanks,Thank you to all the people at Agit Global who help bring Wavestorm surfboards to the American public.

My name is Craig Baldwin and I have been surfing your 8' wavestorm Surfboard exclusively since 2008. After contracting an autonomic disease that left me paralyzed, your foamy was the perfect board to get me back in the water. I have no doubt that the Wavestorm board has been a significant part of my recovery. For the last three years I have been working as a surf instructor for Pacific Beach Surf Shop here in San Diego CA.. We use your boards for our lessons. I am a huge advocate of your products and promote your boards everywhere I go. From Barbados to Mexico everywhere I surf, surfers are literally blown away on how well I ride the foam board.

Please let me Know if there is any thing I can do to help promote and or represent you product. It would be my pleasure to be affiliated with such a great and progressive surfboard.

Attached are some photos of some big wave Wavestorm surfing.

Thank you so very much,
Craig Baldwin