AGIT Global Inc., with a combined 4.2 acres of manufacturing and warehousing area, can easily accommodate your next project. Located in Nantou, Taiwan which is known for the Takuan Hydro-electric power plant commissioned in 1985 and Taiwan’s leading community towards sustainable energies including world renowned Sun Moon Lake. The environment makes a suitable stage for our company to execute its desire to be the leading foam manufacturer in sporting goods, marine accessories, and outdoor recreational equipment worldwide.

Our factory stands with one of the world’s largest rooftop infinity-edge watersport testing facilities.

Built with the capability for capturing clean rainwater for use in our in-house foam expansion and naturally cooling indoor waterfall, our factory holds internationally endorsed standards for safety, cleanliness, and efficiency.

Let our technicians at AGIT Global consult you on lead times, material options, and provide a quotation for your needs. Our units meet a high standard of detailed output and our machinery units have been designed so that you may meet the critical standards you have placed for your products. AGIT Global has capabilities of working with foam (PE, PP, HDPE, LDPE foam….), high impact and extruded plastics, metal/aluminum/tungsten, carbon fiber.

Our company has the capability of manufacturing components for your project needs or assistance with design and prides itself on self reliance as many of the materials are proprietary and are created in-house. Please feel free to consult any of our project managers for pricing and quotations.

AGIT Global is one of the only foam manufacturers world-wide to test our carbon footprint impact with manufacturing and distribution from the cradle to end of cycle. Our globally registered patents are held in material composition and layering through manufacturing processes.

We welcome you to our care. We are AGIT Global.



Our high tech facility consists of industry leading, state of the art technology for surf product manufacturing with an experienced team of professionals to assist you in the development and refinements of your products. Agit uses this high tech machinery to coincide with our staffs highly developed hand crafting techniques.

We understand that the human touch is as valuable to our customers for the attention to detail in producing superior products World Wide. Combining both aspects of manufacturing procedures ensures that our innovative R&D team can replicate our initial ideas and make a production reality. Ranging from handcrafted concept products to 3D image shaping we can cater to any requirements. For further details please speak with one of our experienced consultants or sales staff.


AGIT Global North America is a facility 28,626 sq.foot in size and focused on sales, marketing, and distribution for most of AGIT Global brands in the continental U.S, territories in North America, U.S. Pacific territories, and some areas internationally. The facility also serves as a meeting ground and gateway for OEM customers seeking to develop projects, understand the process, and material compositions of the company.



Strategically located in Orange County, California, the facility allows the team to be focused in the center of the action sporting goods industry and keep a close eye on development of products and markets associated. 

An active showroom by appointment on site features a selection of the latest technology in sporting goods crafted by AGIT Global, Inc.