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Summertime is my absolute favorite time to surf. Nothing beats the warm water, the relaxed vibe in the air, and the sand on your feet as you sit down for a post-surf session burger. Like a double-double from In-N-Out, or a California burrito from the local Mexican food joint, there is one board I can always count on to deliver a solid summer surf. My 8-foot Wavestorm never leaves my car during the summer, and I’ll tell you why.  

It Works in All Conditions

I don’t always know exactly what the conditions are going to be like when I go to the beach during the summer and I don’t always know how long I will be there, but I know without a doubt that my Wavestorm will work in any conditions thrown at it.

Whether it is knee-high and blown out, well-overhead and blown out, or perfect hurricane quality conditions, my Wavestorm has seen it, and consistently delivered an amazing surf session because it always works. It may not be the highest performing board out there, but it will drive through onshore chop like a dream and get in early in big waves. I can always count on my ‘Storm to get plenty of fun waves.